Inspection Services

The Federal Government Integrated Relocation Program is a unique program that provides government entities which include the Government of Canada, the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with increased flexibility and assistance to relocation.

A visual examination of the grounds, and all components of the structure and all installed equipment. Inspections of typical houses take 2-4 hours. When you are buying a Professional Inspector can help you locate and solve most current or potential problems that might be in the development stage. Aiding you in to set-up your budget that will turn your new home into your Dream Home.
This report is very similar to the Pre-Purchase report above. This gives sellers the peace of mind of knowing exactly what the potential buyers are going to say about their home and a chance to fix small issues before the house goes on the market. You will also find that closing your deal goes smoother and chances are you'll receive all the money you should when you sell the home you have come to love.
There are four components of a phased inspection: footing inspection, foundation inspection, rough-in inspection and final inspection. Written reports are provided after each phase with notation of any details observed that do not comply with building codes. Reports are successively longer as construction progresses. The final report is a full home inspection report. Defects that are deviations from the building codes will be noted.

A full home inspection scheduled near the end of the builder's warranty period, to complete the final defect list for the builder before the warranty expires. This is also when you want to make sure all your paperwork for your Tarion 12 month warranty is completed properly.

Do you know if your paying too much for your utilities at your home? Would you like to learn how you can lower the monthly cost? The best way to ensure your not paying to much is to have a Maintenance Inspection done. This is also a great way to head off expensive repair costs by finding minor issues before they become big problems.